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What Our Students Are Saying About Our Online Courses

“What a brilliant course! This is my first distance course and I couldn’t have asked for more. I could never have picked up this much information within a two-day course (attending in person). ”

Jackie, United Kingdom

“This course was so well put together. It was very easy to follow Online and I feel it's just the beginning of another part to empowering my clients to be their best selves!”

Sharon, Canada

“A fantastic course, I have learnt to much and will continue to learn. The Online course enables you to study in your own time. Thank you, Alison, you are a very talented lady. ”

Christine, New Zealand

“The 6-week online program is truly amazing. The info comes in bits and pieces and therefore I did not feel overwhelmed. And knowing that I have access to the class information for an entire year is great. The Online classes are easily accessible. ”

Marionna, USA

“It was so fun, lots of support, easy to use, great information and all my questions were answered. The Online classes were perfect for me!”

Christy, Canada

“I really enjoyed this learning format! It was comprehensive, yet easy to interpret and put to use. The fact that I can go back to this course and review it when needed is a bonus. Thank you, Alison and team, for being par of my education and your passion fo reflexology!”

Denise, USA