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    1. Welcome & Orientation!

    2. How To Use Our Online Classroom

    3. Copyright Policy - I'd like to direct your attention to our copyright policy and provide further clarification on the use of the Workbook content and Workshop access.

    4. Before We Begin.. this pre-workshop survey is a great starting point before you dive into the workbook and attend the Workshop. Let's set some goals and determine your implementation timeline!

    1. My 5-Step New Year Business Planning Process Workbook

    1. Workshop Recording - January 11, 2024

    1. Additional Resources

    1. Before You Go...this post-workshop survey is to determine if you have reached your workshop goals. Please take a few minutes to answer these self-reflective questions to gain even more value from the work you’ve just done. Your Feedback is SO valuable!

    2. Congrats! Here's to a successful & amazing year!

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