Course Description

Reflexology for Families will provide you with the basics of this simple yet powerful ancient therapy, including: history and theory, foot facts, foot conditions, an overview of anatomy and physiology, and a variety of options for providing a session including sequencing for a full 60-minute session that you can use to bring comfort to your family. Also includes how-to videos.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Reflexology Theory

    • Reflexology Theory

  • 3

    Zone Theory

    • Zone Theory

  • 4

    Meet Your Feet

    • Meet Your Feet

  • 5

    Foot Conditions

    • Foot Conditions

  • 6

    Anatomy and Physiology

    • Anatomy and Physiology Overview

  • 7

    Session Information to Set You For Success

    • Session Information to Set You For Success

    • Session Information For Success

    • Techniques

  • 8

    Relaxation Techniques

    • Relaxation Techniques

    • Relaxation Techniques - Introduction

    • Relaxation Techniques - Right Foot

    • Relaxation Techniques - Left Foot

  • 9

    Foot Reflexology Sequence

    • Foot Reflexology Sequence

    • Session Options

    • Session Sequence - Right Foot

    • Session Sequence - Left Foot

  • 10


    • Congratulations! Next Step

  • 11


    • Resources

    • Canadian Reflexology School (CRS) Foot Reflexology Chart

Your Instructor

Alison Rippin, BPE, CR

Certified Reflexologist

I love sharing the benefits of reflexology! I have been involved with reflexology for over 25 years and am a certified reflexologist, teacher and owner of the Canadian Reflexology School. I also have a degree in Kinesiology, and it was during the completion of my degree when I was accidentally introduced to the profound benefits of reflexology.  I have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring hundreds of national and international practitioners in the steps to becoming a more successful reflexologist through our foot, ear and hand reflexology courses and my business mentorship programs. The delivery of education requires an out of the box thinking and I am so excited to bring our programs to a wider audience through our innovative learning platform that will allow reflexology to get into the hands of more people!